About The production process

1. The pattern design

After confirming the design sample, according to the requirements of the return receipt of different sizes of paper pattern, the standard paper pattern enlarged or reduced drawing, also known as “Grading”. On the basis of different sizes of paper patterns, but also to produce paper patterns.

2. Production preparation

There are a lot of preparation work before production, including inspection and testing of production fabrics, accessories, sewing thread and other materials, preshrinkage and sorting of materials, sewing processing of samples and sample clothes, etc.

3. Cutting technology

Generally speaking, cutting is the first process of garment production, which is to cut the fabric, lining and other materials according to the requirements of material arrangement and sample drawing. It also includes material arrangement, material laying, material calculation, borrowing and cutting of gray fabric defects, set cutting, cutting, inspection, numbering and bundling.

4. Sewing process

Sewing is a technical and important garment processing procedure in the whole garment processing process. It is according to different style requirements, through reasonable stitching, the piece of clothing combination into a process of clothing. Therefore, how to organize the sewing process reasonably, and how to choose the stitch, stitch type, machine equipment and tools are very important.

5 Hardware cutting is also our own workshop design and processing. Computer-controlled machine tools for fine cutting. Professional workers do the welding.

6. Ironing process

After the garment is made, it is ironed to achieve the ideal shape and make its shape beautiful. Ironing can generally be divided into two categories: production ironing (medium pressing) and garment ironing (heavy pressing).

7. quality control

Garment quality control is a very necessary measure to ensure the quality of products in the whole processing process. It is to study the quality problems of products in the processing process and develop the necessary quality inspection standards and regulations.

8.fishing and packing processing

fishing and packing treatment, including packaging, storage and transportation, is the last step in the whole production process. Operators according to the packaging process requirements will be made and ironed clothing finishing, folding, put in plastic bags, and then according to the number of packing list distribution packing. Sometimes the garments are also hoisted and shipped, and the garments are hoisted onto the shelves and taken to the place of delivery.