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Anti riot suit for riot control police

Anti riot suit for riot control police

Anti riot suit for riot control police



Anti riot suit for riot control police

Material: 600D polyester with waterproof and anti flaming, and nylon plastic
nylon plastic in the front part and  aluminum plate in the back part and groin protector

Protect Area: m2

1. Chest, Abdomen and Groin: ≥0.1

2. Back: ≥0.1

3. Arms: ≥0.18

4. Legs: ≥0.30

Temperature Testing

Performance would not be affected in circumstances of under-20º C–+55º C

Resistance Capability

Velcro: >7.2N/cm2

Buckle: >500N

Joints: >2000N

Anti-stab Testing

It can not be pierced when using a dagger to stab any point of the chest, back and groin parts of the anti-riot suit under 2000N of static pressure for 1 minute (≥ 20J).

Anti-wallop in the Key Parts

The anti-riot suit can not be damaged with any flaw when using a steel ball of 7.5kg to impulse the chest and arms parts continuously from 163cm height (≥ 20J).

Anti-impact Testing

The back and chest parts will be damaged by ≤2cm deepness by 100J energy.

Size: 175cm to 190cm

Weight: about 6.8kg
Packing size: 55x55x50cm /2 sets; N.W.: 13.6KG/CTN, G.W.: 17.0KG/CTN

Delivery time: 20-25 days for 1000 sets.


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