military green riot suit gear set

Military green riot suit gear set



Military green riot suit gear set

Chest protector ,back protector,abdomen,groin and coceyx protectors, upper limbs ,lower limbers and feet protectors .



        1     Chest, abdomen,

groin protectors  area

        2  Back protectors area ≥0.14m2
        3  Lower limbers protectors area


        4 Strike energy absorption 


 the protective coating of front and back bear 100J




kinetic energy impact,the daub creasing <8mm


        5 weight Plastic protective pieces is in line with FV-2 level ,



oxygen index of lining >28%



The after flame time less than 10s without fire sources




        6  Structure joint intensity   Jack intensity>=300N


Nylon agraffe joint intensity >=120N


Joint webbing intensity >=2200N


other connetable part joint intensity>=250N


        7       Feature blunt hit, anti riot, anti flaming
        8   Packing 51x48x54cm,2sets/ctn